Outdoor Adventures with Cannabis – Tip for Your Next Outdoor Sesh

outdoor adventures with cannabis around a bonfire

When most people think of indulging in the CBD lifestyle, they think of relaxing at home with a nice soak in the tub or plopping on the couch for a movie night. However, CBD and Delta 8 THC are great in combination with outdoor activities. Offering relaxation, the potential for reduced muscle soreness, and possible relief from anxiety, you’ll love adding any Lucy J’s CBD to your next outdoor adventure!

Not sure where to start? Here are four ideas for combining CBD or Delta 8 THC with the great outdoors:


Camping is one of the cornerstones of outdoor enjoyment in the CBD lifestyle. Those who are looking for a great way to relax and leave stress and worry behind can scarcely do better than enjoying the best Delta 8 products available while also engaging with nature. Indulging in your favourite products while sleeping under the stars, relaxing in a hammock, or chatting with friends around a campfire is a great way to make your next camping trip even more memorable.


Speaking of making memorable moments together, hiking while using Delta 8 THC or CBD is a great way to do just that. What better way is there to relax and tune out the distractions of the everyday than to enjoy these two great things together? Even celebrities have recently gone viral for enjoying a Delta 8 vape pen while hiking with friends. If it’s good enough for your favorite celebs, why not give it a try yourself next time you head outdoors?


If you are mountain or rock climbing, drinking during your excursion can be detrimental. Rigorous physical activity can cause stomach upset, dehydration, and more while drinking alcohol. If you’re looking for a good way to relax sore muscles and make physical activity easier on your body without these ill effects, consider trying CBD or Delta 8 THC! Light up a Lucy J’s pre roll or pack our convenient and chewable gummies for that top of the mountain victory.

outdoor adventures with cannabis sailing on ice


Drinking a glass of wine or champagne while relaxing on a boat is a classic vignette – but what about a nice CBD or Delta 8 THC gummy or other product? It can offer similar indulgence and relaxation, all without the calories or hangover feeling that many alcoholic drinks come complete with. This makes it a great combination – and makes for a great day on the open waters! Just remember never to boat under the influence, even with Delta-8 THC!

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy your favorite Delta-8 and CBD products outdoors. With any of these activities, it is important to take a friend or loved one with you, just in case you have an unusual reaction to the products you are using. That way, you can truly relax, engage in your favorite activities, and leave stress at home for a while!