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Your Guide to Using Cannabis in the Outdoors

If you enjoy cannabis in its various forms, you have probably thought of taking it on your next adventure. Cannabis makes for a great companion while exploring the outdoors. There’s something about taking in the fresh air that takes the high to the next level and makes you feel more connected to the outdoors.

However, this experience can also spell disaster if you are not careful. Before setting off on your next journey, you must equip yourself with the knowledge to remain safe and considerate with your cannabis use. Here are some things to avoid on your cannabis adventures.

Avoid trying new products.

There are numerous CBD products you can try, from concentrates to waxes, edibles, vaporizers, and more. And while it might seem like a good idea to try something new now that you are in the outdoors, it can be dangerous, especially for the uninitiated. Edibles and vaporizers are discrete, and you can easily over consume them. Additionally, the high comes on differently, so pay attention to how much you consume.

Consuming your cannabis too early

If you are going on a hike, for instance, you might think it’s best to first consume your cannabis before getting to the difficult parts of the hike. However, doing so will make climbing or continuing on the trail harder once the high hits. Instead, light up somewhere midway or when you reach the top.

Fire risks

This is especially likely with smokable options. If you plan on smoking blunts, ensure you are extra careful with your ashes. You can easily accidentally start a forest fire with the ashes or an unfinished blunt. If the trail has a fire ban, this means smoking options are prohibited, so opt for other options such as edibles.

Difficult trails

If this is your first time bringing cannabis on an adventure, avoid challenging yourself too much. This isn’t the best time to take on a challenging trail, and it also puts you in danger. Instead, opt for easy to moderate trails until you are comfortable using cannabis while outdoors. Remember, the goal is to have fun, not endanger yourself while high.

Lastly, even though it is legal, public consumption of cannabis products is still frowned upon and is still viewed as illegal in some places. So it is best to avoid smoking where crowds are unless you are alone. While some people might not mind, some rangers could still cause trouble, so be discrete.

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